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Standard Riser Recliner, Double-motor


Riser Recliner with excellent lumbar and back support, equipped with double motors

With a sumptuous fabric upholstery, the Riser Recliner will ensure a pleasurable seated experience capable of providing hours of comfort. The dual motor enables you to operate either the footrest or the backrest completely independently of the other, allowing you to adjust the Riser Recliner into an almost limitless number of positions

 - Color: Blue

 - Color Available: Red、Brown、 Green、Beige

 - Material: Micro-Fabric

 - Material Available: Micro-fabric、Fabric、 PU

 - Motion Mechanism Type: Remote

 - Recliner Lays Flat: *

 - Recliner: Yes

 - Lift Up: Yes

 - Arm Disassembling: -

 - Fabric Disassembling: *

 - Universal Wheel: -

 - Massage and heater: *

 - *Optional Function

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Seat width51cm

Seat height

Arm width13cm

Arm height


Back width


Back height

Open length  160±2cmReserve space


Foot Rest length 43±1cmWeight capacity


Net weight