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Functional Rising & Recline Chair Single-motor


Riser Recliner with armrest detachable, equipped with single motor

The lift motion enable you to get in and out of the chair without the aid of a carer or relative giving you more independence at home. The detachable armrest offers the transfer from or to the Recline chair with much convenience. A quiet single motor to allow you to raise the footrest and the backrest at the same time

 - Color: Red 

 - Color Available: Blue, Brown, Green

 - Material: Micro-Fabric

 - Material Available: Micro-fabric、Fabric、 PU

 - Motion Mechanism Type: Remote

 - Recliner Lays Flat: *

 - Recliner: Yes

 - Lift Up: Yes

 - Arm Disassembling: Yes 

 - Fabric Disassembling: *

 - Universal Wheel: -

 - Massage and heater: *

 - *Optional Function

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Seat width  
Seat height

Arm width  

Arm height
Back width  

Back height  

Open length
Reserve space
Foot rest length
Weight capacity   
Net weight