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Air Cell Wheelchair Cushion


A cushion designed to offer comfort, postural management and pressure area care

An air cushion which is specifically designed for those considered to be at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers. Individual interconnected air cells allow free movement of air within the cushion, which allows the level of air to be individually adjusted to body shape thus maximise immersion.


 - Made of PVC material

 - Option: one valve or two vales

 - Height at 60cm

 - Size available: 40*40cm, 46*40cm, 46*46cm, 50*46cm

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40*40*6cm, 46*40*6cm, 46*46*6cm, 50*46*6cm
M-3AC0240*40*8cm, 46*40*8cm, 46*46*8cm, 50*46*8cm
M-3AC0340*40*10cm, 46*40*10cm, 46*46*10cm, 50*46*10cm