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Elegant Bidet toilet Seat, remote control panel


The Bidet 270B features an elegant design with a remote control.

Designed for comfort and hygiene. Convenient slim wireless remote, with illuminated touch pad. The bidet ensures a hygienic and refreshing experience with an automatic deodorizer, leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


 - Heated Seat with temperature control

 - Heated Water with temperature control

 - Movable massage -moving spraying (back and forth)

 - Warm air drying and air temperature adjustment

 - Self-cleaning nozzle

 - Nozzle position adjustable

 - Water pressure adjustable

 - Water flushing strength adjustable

 - Built-in automatic body sensor

 - Thermostat installed

 - Both bidet lid and seat have damping buffer (Close softly and silently )

 - Bamboo charcoal deodorization to 

 - Intelligent power saving mode

 - Cleansing with 5 spray settings(Female wash, Posterior wash, Turbo wash, Kids 

   function, Auto function)

 - Stainless steel nozzle chromed in Titanium

 - Intelligent remote control

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Weight capacity150kgs