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Comfortable Aluminum Wheelchair


Aluminum manual wheelchair with multi-functions for comfort


The Comfortable aluminum wheelchair with armrests easily flip upwards and eight adjustable, fork inclination adjustable and

dual axle for rear wheel to tiny adjustment on seat height, offer best gravity as always.


 - Powder coating aluminum frame

 - Standard with nylon upholstery

 - Flip-up and height adjustable full armrest, PU arm pads for extra comfort

 - Comfortable, detachable footrests, plastic black footplate

 - 24" real aluminum spoke wheels with PU tires, Quick-Release at dual axle positions

 - Aluminum hand rim and aluminum brake

 - 7X2" front casters with PU tires, aluminum front fork with holes to adjust height

 - Front fork inclination adjustable and 24” rear wheel adjustable at various positions for best gravity of user

 - Little safety wheels attached

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Overall width(open)57.5cm/60cm/62.5cm/67.5cmOverall width(closed)28cm
Overall height88.5cm    Seat to floor height50cm
Seat width 40cm/43cm/45cm/50cmOverall length (w/riggings) 95cm

Weight capacity